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Azur Airline Uses FLYHT’s Aircraft Situational Display for Operational Awareness

Executive Summary

Azur Airlines partnered with FLYHT to leverage FLYHT’s AWS based ground applications. Utilizing FLYHT technology, Azur has complete visibility and situational awareness of its fleet in one user friendly interface (FLYHT’s UpTime Cloud platform with FLYHT’s Aircraft Situational Display). FLYHT’s key partners, AWS and Iridium, make the solution possible.

Customer Challenge

Operating, managing, and optimizing a fleet is becoming more and more challenging as customer demands and costs along with global issues from severe weather to geopolitical incidents and natural disasters increase. To manage effectively, an airline needs to always have visibility and situational awareness of all aircraft assets.

This rapidly growing airline was interested in maximizing the situational awareness of their assets as well as receiving accurate and timely aircraft block times and fuel data.

Partner Solution

FLYHT worked with the Azur to provide the perfect solution to their challenges. The airline found the value that FLYHT’s AFIRS hardware could bring along with the AWS based Aircraft Situational Display (ASD).

There are two components to this solution:

  • Installation of FLYHT hardware (AFIRS 228TM) on the aircraft
  • FLYHT’s Uptime Cloud ASD ground application, which is an AWS hosted application

The AFIRS 228 system consists of several components that are installed on the aircraft. The data acquisition unit is connected into aircraft interfaces to obtain aircraft data (Flight Data Recorder data, engine data, fuel data, GPS data, discrete data among other sets of data). Once the data is obtained, the data acquisition contains onboard logic applications to help the unit determine what needs to be put together to form the reports that are required. In this case, the unit would collect aircraft position data, aircraft block times, as well as fuel on board data which would be formed into reports sent to the ground AWS infrastructure.

The data is then displayed on FLYHT’s UpTime Cloud application which provides real-time monitoring and insight of your fleet through the application’s Aircraft Situational Display (ASD) so you can “visualize” your fleet of aircraft.

The ASD offers a new way to run your Aircraft Operations Center by enabling automation through alerts and real-time status updates using a simple and modern user experience.

FLYHT’s Uptime Cloud ground application is an AWS hosted application utilizing Amazon VPC, Amazon EC2, Amazon Route 53, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) and Amazon RDS services.

AWS’s cost-effective, secure and rich service set allowed FLYHT to deliver customer value quickly and at a long-term sustainable cost.

Results and Benefits

By using our Uptime cloud/ASD solution Azur was able to get everything they needed in one platform. FLYHT was able to also summarize all the information in weekly automated flight summary reports directly from the UpTime Cloud AWS platform.

FLYHT is well positioned from a cost and innovation perspective, by using AWS services and support, to continue to outperform competitors and create end‑to-end solutions for airlines.

About the Airline

This fast-growing Eastern European airline is one of the major charter airlines in the region. The airline has grown to a fleet of over 30 aircraft and flies to tourist destinations worldwide.

About FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.

FLYHT provides airlines with Actionable Intelligence to transform operational insight into immediate, quantifiable action, delivering industry leading solutions to improve aviation safety, efficiency and profitability. This unique capability is driven by FLYHT’s patented aircraft certified hardware products including AFIRS™, a satcom aircraft interface device which enables real-time streaming of flight information, cockpit voice and black box data streaming and TAMDAR™, which aggregates and streams airborne weather data in real-time. FLYHT is headquartered in Calgary, Canada with an office in Littleton, Colorado, and is an AS9100 Quality registered company. For more information, view our latest presentation here