UpTime Cloud

FLYHT’s UpTime Cloud is a data monitoring, storage and reporting system providing a global, real-time asset management solution for airline flight operations.

FLYHT’s unique on-wing inference technology keeps airlines connected to their aircraft by aggregating and disseminating data in real-time via the Iridium satellite network to an airline’s ground operations. With UpTime Cloud, an airline’s flight operations can track their aircraft in real-time, receive automated engine and airframe exceedences, and implement aircraft health monitoring programs to satisfy a wide variety of operational use cases such as Flight following and GADSS compliance, AHM and ACMS programs, or supporting FOQA, FDM and MOQA initiatives. Utilizing AWS’ Data 360 services, FLYHT maintains low operational costs which are then passed on to the customer. FLYHT’s Uptime Cloud ground application is an AWS hosted application utilizing Amazon VPC, Amazon EC2, Amazon Route 53, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) and Amazon RDS services.

FLYHT’s enterprise UpTime Cloud ground-based system is seamlessly integrated with AWS to deliver high performance, ultra-low latency, secure and a highly scalable and stable environment for airlines.

UpTime Cloud provides operational oversight covering:

  • Accurate OOOI times
  • Real-time aircraft position and state monitoring
  • Engine trend capture and reporting
  • Fuel Compliance initiative tracking
  • Airframe Exceedance detection and reporting
  • Engine Exceedance detection and reporting
  • Flight deck/cabin text messaging with Operations Centre

UpTime Cloud’s Operational advantages:

  • Supports airline compliance objectives
  • Provides Operational Control Centres with real-time aircraft state information
  • Real-time information and reporting provides fleet awareness
  • Improves dispatch, mission assurance, and aircraft reliability
  • Increases profit realization by maximizing fleet utilization, reducing flight hour costs, and improving aircraft health performance

UpTime Cloud is an integrated AWS system:

  • UpTime Cloud real-time data communications and reporting
  • Supports AFIRS 228 B/S LRU
  • Iridium based communication between Operations Centre and aircraft
  • Secure aircraft data verification, decryption, and storage
  • Customizable report definition and dissemination
  • Designed and implemented to Amazon Web Services standards

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