FLYHT’s TAMDAR system delivers in real-time a critical and unique, high resolution data stream to provide improved atmospheric analysis and weather observations.

TAMDAR equipped planes are flying into nearly 200 airports across the globe, with high density across the United States, Mexico and Asia. With this extensive installation base, the sensor collects thousands of highly detailed and accurate readings from the upper atmosphere each day measuring:

  • Ice presence
  • Median and peak turbulence (EDR)
  • Static pressure and pressure altitude
  • Air temperature (Mach corrected)
  • Variable sampling rate
  • Relative humidity
  • Indicated and true airspeed
  • Winds aloft
  • GPS position and time

These observations are collected at a variable sampling rate with global latency of ~15 seconds.

Combined with a dedicated Iridium-based global SATCOM system, and ground-based analytics software, the FLYHT system can also provide real-time global tracking of aircraft as well as voice and data communication connectivity. This connectivity also supports retrieval of aircraft performance and systems information including real-time Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) data.