Flight Tracking

Operating, managing, and optimizing your fleet is becoming more and more challenging as customer demands and costs along with  global issues from severe weather to geopolitical incidents and natural disasters increase.  

To manage effectively you need to have real-time status and situational awareness all of aircraft assets. FLYHTMap application provides real-time monitoring and insight of your fleet through the application’s Aircraft Situational Display (ASD) and an Aircraft Messaging Center (AMC) so you can “visualize” and seamlessly communicate with your fleet of aircraft. FLYHTMap offers a new way to run your Aircraft Operations Center by enabling automation through alerts and real-time status updates using a simple and modern user experience.  FLYHTMap is also scalable and flexible as it supports integrations with external feeds for position and weather information.  

FLYHTMap’s ASD is the primary interface for monitoring the overall situation of your fleet within a moving map display. The FLYHTMap ASD is a powerful tool that aggregates a wide array of incoming data into an optimized display optimized so that you can:

  • Track your fleet and individual aircraft along the planned route of flight including OOOI display (including time and easy to graphical OUT, OFF, ON, and IN)
  • Receive visual notification (alerts) about operational exceptions experienced by individual flights aircraft
  • Visualize weather observations transmitted from aircraft (TAMDAR or other sensors)
  • Filter the display of aircraft to suit a variety of use cases
  • Receive Global Messages Like the AMC, the ASD also displays global notifications of the FLYHTMap ASD

FLYHTMap AMC provides operators with a connection to their fleet, as well as extensive reporting mechanisms to evaluate the history of events experienced. FLYHTMap delivers critical business intelligence through its reporting of various discrete events to customer reports such as:

  • Out, Off, ON, IN (OOOI) Event Details
  • ACARS messages, position reports, OOOI movement and more.
  • Tail-specific reporting of Iridium satellite communications (SATCOM) calls made to/from the aircraft.
  • A “Last Seen” dashboard provides tracking of your fleet by displaying a list of the last time one of your aircraft communicated via FLYHT’s on-board hardware or Tropospheric Airborne Meteorological Data Reporting (TAMDAR).

The integration of third party services combined with FLYHT’s on-board hardware and/or TAMDAR FLYHTMap can provide a large variety of services to streamline your operation, resulting in reduced costs and increased safety for your fleet.