FLYHT’s Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS 228™) offers an air traffic services option in the form of the AFIRS 228S TSO. This solution provides crew with reliable voice and data services using Iridium’s global satellite network. Services available through the AFIRS 228 include the full suite of ACARS over Iridium applications. This includes FANS 1/A with CPDLC (Controller–pilot data link communications) and ADS-C. These applications support reduced separation standards allowing for more efficient air traffic routing using inherent performance-based communication and surveillance (PBCS) characteristics. This results in multiple benefits including:

• More efficient route structure
• Reduced flight times
• Reduced fuel burns, and
• Reduced crew work load

A separate Aircraft Configuration Module contains the SIM card, system configuration information and user-stored information making the AFIRS 228 a true line replaceable unit offering maximum fleet management optimization and reducing maintenance and spares costs.

The AFIRS 228S TSO enables easy compliance with the guidance in FAA Advisory Circular AC20-140C through TSO-C159b Iridium SATCOM certification. solution provides the aircraft with reliable FANS 1/A, ADS-C, CPDLC and ACARS over Iridium messaging capabilities. Benefits offered by FANS include: more efficient route structure, reduced flight times, reduced fuel burns, and enhanced communications between ATC and the aircraft.


AFIRS 228S TSO Product Details

ARINC 717 Rx (HBP or BPRZ)1
ARINC 429 Rx16
ARINC 429 Tx7
Discrete Inputs16
Discrete Outputs8
Ethernet4 + 1 (Maintenance)
RS-232 Serial (or RS-422)4
2-Wire “Tip and Ring” 
Telephony Ports2
Aircraft Audio System Interface1
Number of Antennas Required1
533 MHz Processor 
1.5 million gate FPGA 
Dual Redundant 16 GB Flash Memory Cards 
Functions as Quick Access Recorder 
AFIRS 228S TSO is Designed to Meet the Following Specifications
ARINC 429 Mark 33 Digital Information Transfer System
ARINC 618 Air/Ground Character Oriented Protocol Specification
ARINC 739A Multi-Purpose Control and Display Unit
ARINC 741 Aviation Satellite Communication System
ARINC 761 Second Generation Aviation Satellite Communication System
ARINC 717 Flight Data Acquisition and Recording System
TSO C-159B