The Connected Aircraft

The connected aircraft is rapidly transforming flight operations, making aviation safer, more efficient and easier to manage. A Connected Aircraft uses IP networks on the plane to connect to ground systems via satellite or broadband. Information is shared between the ground and the plane via sensors throughout the airplane to communicate with each other, streaming mountains of information about flight performance to enable more informed decisions.
Flight Deck Text Messaging: Connected Aircraft, Operational Efficiency, Weather

Provides two-way text messaging to the flight deck through the multi-control display unit (MCDU) or an iPad application.

Flight Tracking: Connected Aircraft, Operational Efficiency, Weather

Provides real-time monitoring & insight of fleets by maximizing intelligent data, alerts, & real-time status updates via an easy-to-use interface which visualizes situational data.

FDR Streaming: Connected Aircraft, Operational Efficiency, AHMS

A revolutionary, industry-leading solution that performs real-time triggered alerting and black box data streaming in the event of an abnormal situation on an aircraft.

SATCOM Voice: Connected Aircraft, Operational Efficiency

Harnesses the Iridium satellite constellation with global coverage and an onboard satellite phone providing a rapid and reliable private communication channel to the flight deck.

ACARS Over Iridium & FANS 1/A

Captures hundreds of functions including flight recorder data transmitting via satellite networks while routing the data to customer end points to display real-time fleet visualizations and actionable intelligence.