FLYHT's JumpSeat Podcast

The JumpSeat Podcast is a fresh new podcast created with the vision of throwing light on game-changing technology in the aviation industry such as 5G, Big Data, and AI, while talking to aviation leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Apr 19, 2022

#3: Save Your Bottom Line, How A Ready-to-Use Software Can Help Save Millions of Dollars And Lower Emissions

Profit margins are tight and will continue to tighten with increasing fuel prices and the inevitable carbon pricing in North America. Learn about the challenges that hinder airlines from fully realizing their fuel savings potential, and how timely data retrieval help airlines improve operations and save costs.

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Mar 22, 2022

#2: Starting a brand new airline in Bermuda. A conversation with serial entrepreneur — Coral Jet’s Wes Gardner

Establishing a habit is easy, keeping up a good habit can be difficult. Welcome to the second episode of FLYHT's JumpSeat podcast with our host Chris Glass and Coral Jet's Wes Gardner where they talk about the works of a startup airline in Bermuda.

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Mar 16, 2022

#1: 5G in Aviation, Friend or Foe? See the Bigger Picture with Peter Rysavy

Even though it is human nature to resist what is unknown, we never stop seeking for the next big thing. What does 5G mean for aviation and will it play a big part in aviation tomorrow?

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Meet The Host

Chris Glass

Bringing with him over 20 years of hands on airline experience, Chris Glass hops onto the JumpSeat to share his knowledge as an Airport Operations Subject Matter Expert.

Beginning his aviation career as a Customer Service Agent at the YYC airport, Chris was promoted to a Team Leader and moved to Edmonton. There he spent two years working through the airport’s great period of expansion. Chris’ most recent airline role was as an Operational Performance and a Continuous Improvement Analyst, specifically focused on Airport Operations and Fuel Efficiency.

In 2020 Chris joined the FLYHT family, and is currently our Ground Operations Product Owner.

Chris portrait