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FLYHT CEO Letter – Sixth Edition

August 18, 2016 Subject: Sixth Edition 2016 CEO Letter to FLYHT Shareholders: New website launch and logo tagline release Dear Shareholders and Interested Parties; In this sixth edition of our letter to shareholders, I have invited David Perez, FLYHT’s VP Sales and Marketing, to introduce the new website and the release of a new logo tagline: Insight, Action, Control. His team has worked hard to implement these updates which mark the start of a new marketing campaign for FLYHT. Best regards – Thomas R. Schmutz CEO, FLYHT In May 2016, FLYHT began the development of a full marketing plan including the creation of a new website to replace the current one in place for six years. FLYHT is now launching the website including an update to the FLYHT logo with a new tagline and an update to our brochures and marketing materials. We hope that our stakeholders will be as happy with these changes as the FLYHT team is! An important consideration with the new website was to build the site on a responsive platform to enable viewing on any device. It is important for everyone to be able to use the website, regardless of their access device, in our connected world. The new website provides a consistent experience on any device for our marketing efforts at sales meetings and tradeshows. FLYHT has used a more visual design and layout on all pages in order to attract visitors to read about FLYHT’s technology. Our moto in building the site was less is more when using text to describe our Company and we included more images, videos and design elements to appeal to a wider audience. For those of you familiar with FLYHT’s technology, you know that it has many features and is configurable to meet airlines’ needs. We needed to be able to improve the visibility and impact of our key offerings and have built the website to provide our stakeholders and potential customers with a greater understanding of what we do, how we do it and why we do it. FLYHT developed the website to focus on the key categories of:

  • Iridium SATCOM
  • Enhanced Global Flight Tracking
  • Aircraft Health Monitoring
  • Real-time Flight Data Recorder (FDR) Streaming

FLYHT’s branded product offerings exist within each of these categories. FLYHTVoiceTM and FLYHTMailTM are described within Iridium Satcom and offer airlines direct global communications to the cockpit for voice and text messages. FLYHTLogTM and FLYHTASDTM are described within Enhanced Flight Tracking, which includes displaying aircraft location on a map in realtime. FLYHTHealthTM is described within Aircraft Health Monitoring and offers airlines automated engine trending, engine/airframe exceedance reporting and remote systems diagnostics. These capabilities alert operators of any issues and enable them to act to reduce unscheduled maintenance. FLYHT’s flight data recorder (FDR) Streaming program, FLYHTStreamTM, is the world’s only real-time emergency data streaming technology and is described in the final major product category. New tagline FLYHT’s new tagline carries the messaging to explain the Company’s value proposition. FLYHT’s unique ability to capture, process, and transmit data, coupled with real-time alerts, provides airlines with direct insight into the operational status and health of their aircraft and enables them to take corrective action in order to maintain the highest standard of operational control. Going forward, the public and investors can expect to see the new logo tagline rolled out in new materials. With our investors in mind, we undertook similar goals in the layout and design of the investor relations pages to create a fresh and friendly look. We updated the text and images on the Why Invest in FLYHT page, as well as a landing page, to allow visitors to choose from the most commonly visited pages. Visitors will continue to find the regulatory information, though some pages have a new twist or layout from our previous investor relations web pages. We are excited about expanding our website as a new portal to tell the world about our technology and Company. We hope you’re able to take some time to explore the site and we invite you to pass on any feedback or questions that you may have. David Perez VP Sales and Marketing, FLYHT