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Customer Selects FLYHTHealth™ Product to Monitor Engine Exceedances in Real-time

In conjunction with AFIRS, FLYHTHealth gives airlines system-critical insights for proactive aircraft maintenance, saving time and money

Calgary, Alberta – November 5, 2018 – FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. (TSX-V: FLY) (OTCQX: FLYLF) (the “Company” or “FLYHT”) announced today that its Chinese airline Software as a Service (SaaS) launch customer has augmented their services with the Company’s FLYHTHealth aircraft monitoring system. The contract is worth approximately USD$1.1 million, assuming services are delivered over the 5-year contracted period and the airline adds aircraft to its existing fleet according to its capital expansion plan. This airline originally purchased FLYHTLog (previously announced on August 15, 2016), and will use FLYHTHealth to proactively monitor and enhance their aircraft maintenance regimen through real-time exceedance reporting for their fleet of Bombardier CRJ aircraft in the People’s Republic of China.


“We are extremely pleased that our customer has added FLYHTHealth to the services already in use on their fleet,” said Michael Fang, FLYHT vice president of China sales. “FLYHTHealth helps airlines maintain and improve operational safety and efficiency through proactive aircraft system health reporting. As seasoned airline operators know, the earlier the operations and maintenance teams can address, for example, an engine vibration that exceeds the aircraft’s specified operating tolerances, the less costly it is to repair such equipment.”

More About FLYHTHealth (Exceedance Reporting)
With real-time threshold exceedance reports from AFIRS, airlines are notified immediately when a specific event has occurred. With real-time threshold exceedance alerts, you know in advance exactly when and where to look for events that may require immediate action or further investigation, such as: engine over temps, engine over speeds, high vibrations, low oil pressure, hard landings, and flap over speeds, to name a few. Real-time threshold exceedance reports are completely configurable and enable proactive maintenance of your aircraft, engines and life limited parts.

About FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.
2018 marks FLYHT’s 20th anniversary as a leader in real-time aircraft data streaming. FLYHT’s mission is to improve aviation safety, efficiency and profitability (located in Calgary, Canada; publicly traded as: FLY:TSX.V; FLYLF:OTCQX). Airlines, leasing companies, fractional owners and original equipment manufacturers have installed the Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS™) on their aircraft. The solution is used to capture, process and stream aircraft data providing real-time alerts. AFIRS sends this information through satellite networks to FLYHT’s UpTime Cloud data center, which gives aircraft operators direct insight into the operational status and health of their aircraft, which in turn enables them to take corrective action to maintain the highest standard of operational control. The company recently acquired the assets of Panasonic Weather Services, including FlightLink Iridium Satellite Data Unit and Tropospheric Airborne Meteorological Data Reporting (TAMDAR) sensor. For more information visit


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