AFIRS Edge™ Industry First 5G WQAR / AID

Empowering Airlines with Innovative Data Solutions.

5G Cellular Connectivity

Futureproofed Connectivity

Did you know that 4G LTE is expected to sunset after 2030?

Don't waste time and money on 4G LTE and upgrade straight to 5G available today. 5G is expected to operate well beyond 2040 to provide your equipment with the longest lifespan available on the market today.

Wireless Quick Access Recorder

Enable Actionable Intelligence

With secure IP air-to-ground connectivity, unlock access to Real-time Actionable Intelligence.

AFIRS Edge™ harvests large amounts of aircraft data that were previously untapped and unutilized. High-bandwidth from 5G connectivity allows reliable, efficient, and secure air-to-ground data transfer. Own your data and send them directly to your ground operations and generate real-time actionable intelligence.

Enhanced Aircraft Interface Device

Enhanced Connectivity

Enhance your cockpit connectivity and EFB capabilities today.

With 1TB of persistent and remotely managed storage, the AFIRS Edge™ enables Wi-Fi, IP connectivity via 5G, ACARS, and SatCom in a single LRU. Simple installation and integration with your fleet.

Enable flight optimization and situational awareness with enhanced connectivity. Unlock real-time data which gives you the tools to change your operations through fuel savings, live graphical weather, and more.

We understand the importance of your data, that's why AFIRS Edge™ allows airlines to own their data without the interference of OEMs.

Right from the start, it was clear that FLYHT values our success alongside their own. Instead of trying to fit us into their product, they continually and creatively look for ways to fit their product into our operation.

FLYHT’s AFIRS Edge™ is the world’s first 5G Wireless Quick Access Recorder (WQAR) and Aircraft Interface Device (AID).

With extensive capabilities such as SatCom, Data Loading, App Hosting, ACARS over IP, and more, AFIRS Edge™ and AFIRS Edge+™ can provide your fleet with more data and intelligence than ever before.

AFIRS Edge+™