Cargo and Remote Operations

Unique Operations Require a Unique Solution Provider

Your challenges don’t fit neatly into industry standards like ACARS or costly long lead solution sets from OEMs or other vendors.

The reason is simple. Your fleet size does not warrant their attention.  We are different. We have spent the past twenty years working with non-standard operators tailoring solutions to perfectly fit their needs.

Although there are common challenges across speciality cargo and remote operators, we rarely see two operators with identical problems. 

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What We Do

We implement airborne hardware in combination with ground-based software to design and deploy comprehensive actionable intelligent solutions that others can’t. 

Direct voice communication with your aircraft is especially useful for managing irregular operations such as weather diversions, mechanical breakdowns and other unforeseen situations in addition to operating in remote regions with little to no VHF/HF coverage. Empower your dispatch to communicate updated information to the flight crew as soon as it is available, to make smart cost effective operational decisions. 

AFIRS provides reliable data with low latency to ensure continuous and compliant communications. The AFIRS TSO-C159 Iridium Satcom solution provides the aircraft with reliable FANS 1/A, ADS-C, CPDLC and ACARS over Iridium messaging capabilities. Benefits offered by FANS include: more efficient route structure, reduced flight times, reduced fuel burns, and enhanced communications between ATC and the aircraft.

AFIRS long range comms enables key contact between crew and OCC for latest weather updates (includes both voice and two-text messaging), and appliable real-time engine data supporting ETOPS compliance. This means preferential routing with maximum diversion time saving potentially millions of dollars in reduced fuel burn and shorter flight times result in reduced crew utilization. Real-time communications (especially for polar routes), aircraft data monitoring and sound processes, can greatly assist to accelerate ETOPS approval.

The operational status of the entire fleet of aircraft is known at all times, with instant updates when conditions change. Visual displays provide location and health status for each aircraft. Eliminate the manual retrieval of engine take-off and stable cruise reports, by having AFIRS automatically send each flight in real-time to engine OEM or 3rd party trend providers, which can also support engine data history building for accelerated ETOPS approval.

Achieve Global Flight Tracking & Alerting and track aircraft through the entire flight, including remote areas, for real-time alerting and actionable intelligence.

Real-time AFIRS position data is displayed on FleetWatch, FLYHT’s aircraft situational display (ASD). Reporting intervals when integrated with the AFIRS system are fully configurable on the fly (30 seconds – 60 minutes) and appear as real-time plots, showing the exact position of the aircraft.

Don’t feel ACARS is the best solution for your operations, we have an alternative and super easy solution to implement called AFIRS!

 AFIRS can provide consistent block and flight time (MVT Messages) recording and reporting into your operations systems, eliminating the requirement of costly reprogramming of the ATSU and CMU especially with a fleet that has mixed aircraft models, types and avionics systems. Simply put AFIRS reports a consistent OOOI message and format across your fleet. 

 AFIRS automatically captures engine take-off, stable cruise, engine/airframe exceedances and custom ACMS reports to support trending and ETOPS programs, all while also eliminating costly and lengthy reprograming of existing DFDAU hardware. 

Flight tracking, SATCOM voice and two-way text messaging comms ensures operational safety and compliance are always being achieved and data can easily be fed into existing airline systems, eliminating the requirement for multiple operational systems.

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