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Data Migration

Migrate your data flawlessly

At CrossConsense, a FLYHT company, our experience over the last 25 years in Data Migration for aviation allows us to offer solutions expertly tailored to the needs of the customer.

CrossConsense has been on site in a purely consultant’s capacity help to answer AMOS questions and overview of migration, to migrating data produced by third parties to construction, extraction and migration of MRO data. CrossConsense has in depth knowledge of the AMOS database, its usage, and engineering and logistics background. In addition to the plausibility checks provided by the AMOS software, CrossConsense is using their own business intelligence software in order to get the data quality as good as possible. And with the support of our consulting expertise, CrossConsense always knows which steps to take next when it comes to data migration.

CrossConsense has gained plenty of experience in data migration from older AMOS versions to newer ones as well in migrating data from one MRO system into another (e.g. from Trax, Oases, Amasis and others to AMOS or vice versa).

Each migration project is different but a high level timeline from a data migration perspective only would be:

1st step:

Construction of data extract scripts.

The timeline for this will depend on the knowledge of the legacy database. With little or no knowledge we estimate 5-7 months for the complete process of data migration.

2nd step:

Data migration cycles.

The number will depend upon the quality of the data. The time between cycles should ideally be 6 weeks. This takes into account time to migrate the data, time for the business to verify the data, and feedback issues and time for re-writing of scripts.

3rd step:

Dry run for go live.

This checks the final timings for migration so that the business can judge the down time of both systems.

Final step:

Go live!

Find out how a data migration project in aviation has been executed by CrossConsense: