MRO Services


Experience and Insight

CrossConsense, a FLYHT company, offers consulting services in various areas of aviation and is a good partner for the world’s airlines.

Whether you want to migrate from an existing MRO system to AMOS or vice-versa, whether you are looking for a software-tool which gives you a quick overview over your fleet and many other subjects which come up in aviation. With more than 25 years of experience, we have gained extraordinary insights in the aviation industry.

Some reasons why you as an airline or as a manager of an airline should engage CrossConsense as an external consultant:


As a philosophy, CrossConsense thinks Information Technology from a user’s perspective. Being in the aviation business for more than 25 years now, CrossConsense knows what customers are looking for, even if they cannot express it exactly. We have been working with very small airlines, as well as with market leaders in aviation and are therefore able to adapt consulting advises to different needs and budgets.


Unlike your permanent employees, who may be subject to the internal ‘politics’ of your organization with hierarchies and dependencies, CrossConsense can bring you an independent perspective to your business and projects.

Capacity and keep standing business running

Depending on the project you want to improve, CrossConsense is able to provide you different consultants with unique background knowledge of the different tasks necessary in aviation. CrossConsense has consultants that are specialized in data migration, but are also able to support you if you are looking for somebody who has an overview over all the different tasks that are necessary to keep your airline or your aviation company running and perform on an even higher level.


Consultancy is an area in which trust is a major role. We always ask you to be as open as possible as and we will provide you with the most honest solution to your needs. CrossConsense strives to find the best solution for you and your business and not a solution which is most profitable for us. Our consultants are interested in gaining a sustainable impact on your business and not just a short-term improvement which might help you in the moment but leaves you with a lot of other problems in a strategic perspective.

Real world experience

CrossConsense’s knowledge is not only based on seminars or tutorials, but mainly on real-world experience. During the last couple of years, CrossConsense has performed several data migration projects for airlines and OEMs. The work performed was either migrating from older AMOS versions to the newest one, phasing in of new aircraft into the existing database of a backend MRO system or migrating data form one MRO system into another.

Other consultancy projects performed were, among others, process optimization workshops, audits of current processes and proposal for changes, change management from Airline based system to MRO based system including data conversion and clean-up of historic data.


During a pre-consultancy discussion preferably with all the stakeholders that are involved in the project, CrossConsense tries to find out which areas require attention, and then work out a strategy how we can support you. CrossConsense’s outstanding BI knowledge in aviation helps you to take the right steps.