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AMOS Support

Industry Leading MRO Support

AMOS is the leading software for aviation maintenance management.

CrossConsense, a FLYHT company, assists the aviation industry to use and apply this comprehensive software solution for maintenance, engineering and logistics needs. You have one single point of contact, with no separated responsibilities for hardware, database or application support, for 1st and 2nd level. Our AMOS Support provides fast resolution times including SWISS-AS cases (average 190 minutes).

All your inquiries are tracked within our ticketing tool.

Access your records in the ticketing tool on the CrossConsense website.

AMOS Support by CrossConsense:

Accumulated knowledge based on multiple client support

Accumulated experience based on multiple client support

We understand and speak the language of aviation

Founded knowledge of the practical usage of AMOS in combination with IT — based on more than 20 years of experience

Neutral carrier availability within our server center(s)

Horizontal internal organization structure (everybody knows about her or his responsibilities)