Airborne Hardware

EFB Solutions

A Comprehensive Solution for EFB needs

FLYHT’s Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) related hardware is modular in design, giving you the complete freedom to select relevant capabilities and pay for what you need.

Our technology is engineered with your long term interest in mind — our products are future-proof with global 4G/5G connectivity and cutting edge application hosting.

Achieve more with AFIRS™ hardware

Engineering and integration services tailoring the best solution for your needs and your budget. Integrated solutions include:

  • Power to your EFB – flexible port configurations not tied to STC changes
    Aircraft Interface Device (AID) – A834 ADIF with ADBP
  • Global connectivity options
  • Wired, WiFi, and Bluetooth options to fit your needs
Data Connectivity

AFIRS offers versatile data connectivity for EFBs with the ability to connect through multiple methods and channels that fit your operations:

  • Global airport data connectivity (5G/4G/3G)
  • Integration with existing onboard broadband
  • Pole-to-pole in-flight IP connectivity with Iridium Certus SATCOM
  • ADS-B IN receiver for situational awareness applications

The AFIRS Controller keeps your EFBs charged, provide secure wired data connectivity in a flexible port configuration allowing for changes in EFB interfaces in the future. Additionally it provides for the compliant EFB power shutoff.

The controller can stand on its own or as an integrated holistic solution

Learn more about AFIRS Controller.

Easy Care

Low maintenance enabled by remote configuration, management, and system health monitoring. System Interfaces include:

  • Aircraft data access through A429, A717, RS232, RS422, and discretes
  • Network interfaces including Ethernet and USB
  • Bluetooth and WiFi wireless access point


Trouble-free integration with AFIRS™

Synergy within the AFIRS™ suite creates opportunity for enhanced EFB applications to reduce crew workload and maintain a safer and more efficient flight deck. A variety of value-adding capabilities are unlocked when using AFIRS hardware conjointly:

  • Incoming call and faults notification
  • Multi-channel call control/audio switching and call termination
  • Crew control to trigger snapshot reporting of aircraft systems
  • Enable WQAR and 2-way text messaging with the FLYHTLink app

Learn more about the AFIRS family.

FLYHTLink EFB application

Realize greater capabilities on your EFB with the addition of FLYHTLink. The application enables a low cost, low service fee, high value global communication channel for your crews.

FLYHTLink provides a 2-way text messaging function to the cockpit for

  • sending Safety management System (SMS) reporting
  • transmitting takeoff & landing performance calculations
  • operator defined and customized crew reports
FLYHTLink also enables you to leverage the benefits of WQAR without needing to install one or hire the manpower to operate it when coupled with AFIRS.

How does it work? With the push of a button, the FLYHTLink app pulls QAR data from AFIRS at the completion of a flight and uploads data when wireless connection is established.