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Aircraft Certification Engineering

Leverage Proven Expertise

We don’t just design products, we make sure they can be installed and approved to fly.

FLYHT’s Aircraft Certification Engineering (ACE) team leverages an extensive regulatory and technical knowledge base to design and certify systems integration, modification or upgrade projects for commercial aircraft.

Our performance-drive and innovative engineering team provides valuable design guidance and direction throughout product development to ensure that products are certified and approved to fly efficiently and cost-effectively.

Experienced and Proven

FLYHT is a system integrator as well as a technology developer. We are experts with over a decade of experience in developing aircraft certification and installation kits. FLYHT has made a multi-million dollar investment in the development of over 100 airworthiness approvals. Our strategy is to leverage our airworthiness approvals and experience to reduce the certification time-to-market for avionics for our customers.

We proudly serve hundred of aircrafts globally, on every continent, including commercial, military, and business aircraft operators and have an extensive list of certifications for aircraft types including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Fokker, Hawker Beech, Viking Air, and others.

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