Airborne Hardware


Future-proof Your Connected Aircraft

World’s first 5G Wireless Quick Access Recorder (WQAR) / Aircraft Interface Device (AID).

The AFIRS Edge™…

  • is suitable for any aircraft and supports flexible installation locations including the E&E bay depending on customer preference or upgrade needs;
  • enables airline’s independent data governance; and
  • Integrates with FLYHT’s JetBridge SaaS applications.

Modular and Scalable, the AFIRS Edge provides you with the ultimate in technical options including:

  • IP connectivity in all phases of flight for multiple use cases
  • Ample onboard storage for persistent data needs
  • Application operating environment(s) for customer defined solutions

Unleash the Power of Actionable Intelligence

Why AFIRS Edge™?

WQAR replacement

Is your QAR obsolete?

2G/3G connectivity will sunset soon. AFIRS Edge™ is engineered and designed as a state-of-the-art multi-channel WQAR with LTE/4G and 5G network availability. It also allows simultaneous DAR and QAR recording.

AFIRS Edge™ Delivers:

  • LTE/4G/5G Network availability (20+ year life span)
  • Extended product life
  • Multi-channel WQAR (both A717 DAR/QAR)
  • A simple, plug in replacement for existing systems

These recording and wireless distribution functions enables expanded data harvesting that is fully under airline control.

Edge Computing

What is the advantage?

AFIRS Edge™ serves as an Internet of Things (IoT) gateway on the aircraft ready to support new IoT sensor technologies as they are deployed, making it the ultimate avionics solution that delivers the right information, to the right person, at the right time.

This is the power of Actionable Intelligence, enabling predictive and proactive operations in real-time.

With powerful onboard analytics capability AFIRS Edge™ leverages innovative technology to allow complex analytics to be developed and deployed more efficiently than conventional AOC or ACMS updates.

Multi-SIM, with internal storage and application hosting environments.

Flight Deck Enabler

Improve crew efficiency

  • Enhanced Aircraft Interface Device (AID)
  • Enables enhanced EFB applications
  • Safer and more efficient flight deck
  • Secure wireless data access
  • ACARS client Interface leveraging existing services
  • IP connectivity in all phases of flight supporting
    • Two-way delivery of documentation
    • NOTAMS in real-time
    • Real-time sensor data to MOC
  • Onboard Data Storage
With a modular design, you can also add scaling options such as real-time situational awareness weather and traffic information through free FIS-B and TIS-B services in the continental US.

Iridium Certus IP connectivity

Securely connect your operations no matter where they are.

Extend the already highly capable connectivity options of AFIRS Edge™ with an option for integrated Iridium Certus Midband IP SATCOM.

  • For those without existing broadband – low cost, low weight, low drag impact addition to connect EFBs and IoT capabilities in all phases of flight at all points on the planet
  • For those with existing broadband – keep operational traffic segregated and off of revenue producing IFE broadband and ensure IP connectivity even in high polar latitudes

Bolster your “day of” operational capabilities either through your own applications or FLYHT’s own Actionable Intelligence by accessing thousands of aircraft parameters, IoT sensor data, and on-wing execution of machine learning models

Enhanced Data Harvesting

We have developed a dedicated AFIRS Edge™ Data Harvesting solution to get your fleet ready for all your current and future big data initiatives for operational efficiency and predictive maintenance.

This leverages the Edge’s function to record both QAR and DAR data simultaneously, to capture thousands of additional flight data parameters beyond OEM basic standards. Our solution allows you to access your data anywhere in the world and establish your own data governance. This means you can store and transfer your data safely and securely, and retain full ownership.

Our solution uniquely supports 5G connectivity compared competitors. Invest in our hardware that has a product life beyond 2040. Experience simple installation with flange and tray mount options, enabling plug-in replacement for old technology. Keep saving costs after installation from reduced maintenance resources, achievable through remote configuration, management, and health monitoring.

The AFIRS Controller.
A flexible, multi-purpose control head that enables low-cost, high-impact options.

Call control, 2-way text messaging enabler, ACMS controller — coupled with the AFIRS Edge™, the stand-alone AFIRS™ Controller can achieve even more and bring value to your operations.

It can also act as an EFB controller and provide:

  • Power for EFBs; and/or
  • Secure wired connection for EFBs
  • Future proof STC design allowing changes in iPad connectors without driving certification changes;

Learn more about AFIRS Controller.