Airborne Hardware

AFIRS Edge+™

5G WQAR Upgrade In 5 Minutes

You wouldn’t consider “4G only” as an upgrade for your smartphone. So why settle for 4G for your aircraft?

AFIRS Edge+™ is a plug-in compatible 5G WQAR that can be installed overnight, available at the cost of a 2G/3G WQAR repair or upgrade. It can also be used to replace 4G WQARs as 4G LTE technology begins to sunset in the late 2020s.

All-In-One LRU

AFIRS Edge+™ brings several industry firsts to give you the power to innovate!

For Flight Operations – Improved Reliability, Efficiency, Safety & Compliance

  • Future-proof dual QAR/DAR for Flight Safety Analysis (FOQA/FDM)
  • Operational data harvesting for operations & fuel efficiency initiatives
  • Comprehensive GADSS compliant aircraft tracking and flight data recovery

For the Flight Deck – Reduced Pilot Workload & Data Costs

  • Flight deck Wi-Fi and Aircraft Interface Device (AID) in a single unit
  • Reliable EFB connection gate-to-gate including taxi-in and taxi-out
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Designed for all your chosen EFB applications
  • EFB charging
  • ACARS over IP – increased data capacity at lower cost with 100% global coverage

For Maintenance & Engineering – Reduced AOGs & Operational Disruptions

  • Massive sensor data harvesting for aircraft predictive maintenance
  • Engine (FADEC) & FDR download on demand or every landing
  • ARINC 645-1 compliant Onboard Data Loading including Wireless Distribution & Storage
  • Comprehensive telematics and real-time aircraft health management
  • Onboard aircraft data access and Wi-Fi connectivity for line maintenance
  • On demand real-time data streaming for remote aircraft troubleshooting

For Innovation – Enabling Airline Digital Transformation

  • Cloud Native featuring AWS IoT Greengrass technology
  • Onboard application hosting 5G/4G/3G airport connectivity global roaming service for similar cost of domestic data
  • Supports private 4G and 5G airport network deployments
  • Global Iridium Certus in-flight IP connectivity up to 100 times less cost per MB than ACARS SATCOM
  • Next generation ACMS featuring on-wing Machine Learning Inference
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Data Gateway
  • Remote Over-The-Air (OTA) managed
  • Touchless fleet-wide EDGE updates, application & configuration management
Want to upgrade your WQAR to 5G in 5 minutes or less?
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