Airborne Hardware

AFIRS Controller Power Over Ethernet

Multi-Purpose Flight Deck Control Head

If used as a stand-alone unit, the AFIRS Controller can…

  • charge your EFBs and resolve the disconnect between rigid STC management and changing tablet connectors
  • act as an EFB data switch and connect to any broadband data link via ethernet and have secure wired data to your EFBs.
Unlocked full potential when coupled with AFIRS 228™ or AFIRS Edge™

Enable a variety of different features, such as:

  • Call control options that allows incoming call and fault notifications, audio switching and call termination for low-cost voice calling integrations, and multi-channel call control options.
  • Enabling the AFIRS FLYHTLink EFB app which empowers Wireless QAR and 2-way text messaging.
  • Allowing crew control to trigger snapshot reporting of aircraft systems for your ACMS

The AFIRS Controller can transform AFIRS Edge™ into an Aircraft Device Interface Function (ADIF) that meets ARINC 834 specifications. It is remotely configurable and provides aircraft data in a standard format to EFBs and 3rd party applications with functions that can:

  • Provide pilots with unerring situational awareness.
  • Provide to-the-meter accuracy GPS position support.
  • Automate takeoff & landing performance calculation inputs.
  • Flow & Send automated data from a variety of aircraft systems.

With aircraft data connected to the EFB — distance travelled, operational intelligence such as ETA, time, GPS own-ship, and fuel are all actionable through the EFB.

In addition to data management, the Controller can keep EFBs charged, provide secure wired connections, and arrange compliant EFB power shutoff. Having the controller in the cockpit creates a low cost expandable EFB charging option — never worry again about having a sufficient charge on your EFB prior to departure.