Airborne Hardware

Better Performance. Reduced Costs.

Managing fleet operations is increasingly challenging in today’s competitive aviation market

Your customers want reliable, safe, and affordable flights and expect a streamlined and positive flying experience — and you want to save costs.

Proactively optimize your operations based on real-time, situational business intelligence

FLYHT’s Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS™) products offers real-time business intelligence which can save you money, streamline your operations, enhance operational safety, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Stay ahead of changing and increased regulations and requirements using our scalable, modular, and future-proof products to make sure you can solve your operational problems now, yet be ready for the future.

Introducing the AFIRS Family

Our AFIRS hardware supports remote configuration, management, and system health monitoring, which require minimal maintenance efforts and saves costs.


Industry-revolutionizing 5G technology.

AFIRS 228™

Proven communication and compliance.

Aircraft Certification Engineering

Leverage our expertise.

EFB Solutions

Remarkable synergy.

AFIRS Controller

Versatile. Powerful.