Turn Management


A clear window into your turn process

On Time Performance (OTP) should not be based on luck. Move beyond reporting and take action before the delay.

Operate in the moment with Actionable Intelligence

With real-time data, ClearPort™ provides solutions to the right person, to make the right decision, at the right time. Remotely control all your turns in a single view. ClearPort™ gives you full transparency into all your turn data, this allows you to capture the entire turn process, not just the delays, so you can identify problems before they happen.

ClearPort™ improves how you work which allows you to increase network efficiency and aircraft utilization which saves you money and keep passengers satisfied.


Improve the most visible period the aircraft is on the ground in the eyes of the customer — Net Promoter Score (NPS):

  • Consolidate systems and information to one application
  • Receive real time alerts when each flight is en route, on final descent and at the gate
  • Allows you to track the critical above and below wing milestones in real-time so that you can take corrective action BEFORE you take a delay.
  • Displays live video of the ramp so you can actively see each turn in action. Plan daily staff needs based on turns and staff qualifications

Choose your level of integration based on your needs:

  • Displays updated turn information without costly integration with Airline systems
  • Turnkey system level data inputs without a need for additional integrations
  • Additional integrations only increase efficacy of the tool
  • Minimal IT involvement