APU Management

Control APU operational cost

The cost of running your APU may seem trivial, however, when not monitored and controlled, it can add up to significant fuel costs. Unnecessary APU usage burns excess fuel. This leaks profits straight from your bottom line.

Such costs can be easily avoided by implementing FLYHT’s APU solution with AFIRS™ technology.

Put AFIRS™ to work on your fleet to get real-time data on APU usage, gain remote situational awareness of all of your APU usage, no matter where your aircraft is. Get notified of APU over-use as soon as it occurs and have the privilege to make real-time adjustments.

Customize your notifications and alerts to fit your organization and operational needs.

Alerts and notifications for when an APU exceeds your uniquely-tailored specifications can be sent via email to specified personnel, at specified sites, and at specified times. Notifications can also follow an escalation path to key personnel based on operating rules that you set. In addition to email, these alerts and notifications can be pushed to airline-provided tools and systems using an API.

Notification can also be sent and viewed on FLYHT’s ASD, FLYHTMap, as illustrated above. The chart below illustrates how quickly fuel consumption over time can escalate your operating costs.

Costs associated with APU run-time go beyond just fuel burn; other factors contribute to cost overages such as warranty impact, MTBF tracking results, and even other power-by-the-hour contractual relationships.

By being instantly aware and notified of APU overages your organization is easily able to control the costs that are readily controllable and achieve an easy ROI on real-time APU alerts and actions.