An industry leading LTE/5G wireless Quick Access Recorder (wQAR), Aircraft Interface Device (AID) and edge computing platform. Coupled with Iridium Certus Satcom, the Edge solution is your one stop solution for all crew device needs.

AFIRS Edge is the most adaptable multifunction edge computing platform in the industry that allows you to buy the functionality you need today with the flexibility to easily add functionality as desired in the future.

An Industry First:

  • LTE /5G wireless Quick Access Recorder
  • Coupled with Iridium Certus Satcom
  • Adaptable multifunction small form factor edge computing platform
  • Comprehensive solution for all crew needs
  • Low cost entry point for 5G wQAR base function
  • Modular functionality options tailored for your need
    • No-touch add-on capability activation
    • Grow on your need time scale
    • Turn-key end-to-end solution integration and engineering