Actionable Intelligence


Predictive and preventive maintenance

ACSIS (AirCraft Systems Investigation Software) is a very powerful Predictive Maintenance Tool for the aviation industry – an aircraft maintenance, troubleshooting and engineering tool of a new kind.

Experience a new intelligent and intuitive user interface. ACSIS redefines real time aircraft systems technical history visualization and alerting and saves you money and valuable time for your aircraft troubleshooters and engineers.

ACSIS will alert your maintenance personnel about any problem experienced by your fleet’s systems or components and help you find a solution for it before it is too late.

The software uses a whole new philosophy and methodology coming from university research and tested for several years in a real airline environment.

Our labs recognized the lack of engineering data analysis tools for the aviation industry that bring real time data to the airline’s maintenance management and used new methods and technologies to create a unique software – ACSIS.

ACSIS is a new, very powerful and intelligent tool that will help boosting your fleet’s dispatch reliability and will save you huge amounts of money for every avoided technical delay.

Every single element of ACSIS is revolutionizing being one of the leading Aviation Predictive Maintenance Tools.


A unique visualization method into the software that shows you the dynamic progress of your aircraft systems’ failures or events.


First tool of its kind that doesn’t use the standard alert levels per ATA, but a new method that alerts you about specific problems of your fleet or a single aircraft instead.


21st century, touch-screen optimized, Metro design in smartphone style for faster and intuitive entries and analysis.


Intelligently designed to provide a light integration project. It is only a matter of days to integrate it completely.

Collaborative Workspace:

ACSIS can easily be used as a collaborative workspace tool to connect troubleshooters in order to work on the same issues even if they are working at home.