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Supplier Terms and Conditions

Effective 14 March 2024

  1. Supplier must not add insurance or declared value to the shipment. Any insurance placed on the shipment will be deducted from the payment under this Purchase Order.
  2. Supplier must fulfill the purchase order in accordance with the prices, terms, delivery method, and specifications listed. All correspondence regarding the order will be directed to the individual who authorized the purchase order.
  3. Any special requirements will be noted on the purchase order. Compliance with these stated requirements is subject to audit and acceptance by FLYHT.
  4. Supplier must notify FLYHT immediately upon discovery of any non-conforming conditions, including any non-conforming items dispositioned as ‘use as is’ or ‘repair’, relating to the requirements of the order, or any items that may have been previously supplied to FLYHT. Supplier will provide in writing a description of the non-conformance, the current and proposed disposition, and the corrective action or proposed corrective action. Supplier will halt all order fulfillment effort until directed by FLYHT in writing.
  5. Supplier must notify FLYHT immediately of any change to the characteristics or configuration of the product and any change of the manufacturing process, manufacturing location, or external provider. FLYHT will evaluate the change and notify the Supplier upon acceptance. Any additional requirements, including the completion of a full or partial First Article Inspection will be included on the written notification from FLYHT and will be considered as an addendum to the purchase order.
  6. Unless authorized in writing from FLYHT, supplier may not sub-contract out the entirety of the manufacturing and service requirements of the purchase order..
  7. Supplier must use only approved external providers under their quality management system, or when specified on the purchase order a FLYHT designated provider. Supplier will flow down these requirements and apply appropriate controls to direct and sub-tier external providers to ensure compliance with the requirements, including key characteristics where required.
  8. FLYHT reserves the right to review Supplier’s control methods and inspect Supplier’s facility and any sub-tier facility or supplier. Access rights will be extended to our customers and regulatory agency representatives when requested.
  9. Supplier must perform adequate test, inspection, and verification procedures and provide certification documentation demonstrating compliance with the purchase order requirements. This may include a First Article Inspection Report and must include a Certificate of Conformity along with any applicable required regulatory certification documents or identification, such as, FAA Form 8130-3, EASA FORM ONE, TCCA FORM ONE, TSO marking/identification, FAA-PMA marking/identification or U.S. government or industry accepted standard part specification certification or marking.
  10. Supplier must have processes for the detection and prevention of suspected counterfeit or unapproved parts supplied to FLYHT.
  11. Supplier must behave ethically and conduct business with FLYHT in strict observance of both the letter and spirit of the applicable laws, import / export regulations of Canada, the United States, and each jurisdiction where FLYHT conducts business; or where its customers and suppliers are located, or international conventions.
  12. Supplier must exercise due diligence to prohibit engaging in or supporting any and all forms of Human Trafficking, Forced Labour, and Child Labour in their business operations and supply chain.
  13. Supplier is advised that FLYHT measures their performance though the use of scorecards and/or dashboards. The scoring is based on objective measurements, as much as possible, such as: on-time delivery, lead times, non-conformances identified, non-conformances response time, and risks (such as supplier risk related to Fair Labour Practices). As part of continual improvement, Supplier performance results are communicated as needed.
  14. All records provided by Supplier and sub-tier suppliers are to be legible, reproducible, readily available. Retention period for records is seven (7) years unless otherwise specified. FLYHT, our customers, and regulatory agency representatives will be provided access to review records as they pertain to specific orders.
  15. Supplier must provide shipment documentation with the shipment that is cross-referenced to the purchase order and states each part number and quantity included in the shipment, along with any associated information including, but not limited to, revision level, lot numbers, serial numbers, and date codes, etc.
  16. Supplier must contribute to product/service conformity and to product safety by ensuring all the above terms and conditions are met and will ensure persons are aware of all these terms and conditions.