About Us

About Us

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be a global force in innovative data solutions.

Our Mission

Leave no data stranded; leave no action incomplete.

About Us

Operating since 1998, FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. is headquartered in Calgary, Canada with offices in US and Germany. FLYHT has a global footprint with sales and installation support in China, South East Asia, the United States and Europe. We provide the airline industry with innovative data solutions to enable our partners to make smart decisions based on Actionable Intelligence to improve operational efficiency, sustainability, and profitability through our extensive hardware, software, weather sensors, and services.

In addition to Satcom solutions provided by the AFIRS 228™, FLYHT leads the charge in the 5G connectivity evolution with the industry-first AFIRS Edge™ WQAR solution to provide powerful situational awareness through real-time data, including an AID and Iridium Certus connection to flight deck EFBs. Our software solutions provide our partners with actionable intelligence that not only solves current problems but prepares them for the future in multiple areas, such as AHMS, Fuel and APU usage, Fleet and Turn management.

Our Partners

FLYHT is one of the largest and longest independent providers of solutions for the aviation industry.

With roots as an early Iridium partner and data provider to commercial airlines the company is well positioned to be a trusted partner for accelerating an airline’s digital transformation, forced by the 2020 pandemic. FLYHT’s traditional services are transforming into Actionable Intelligence that integrates the airline, airport and aircraft data into actions that increase profits and an airline’s competitive advantage.

FLYHT’s customers have the advantage of real time data from their onboard AFIRS technologies and every airline can benefit from the integration of the data between airline, airport, and aircraft. With more than 115 customer airlines and 3,200 Airbus installed units we are confident the AI solutions being developed, using our proprietary JetBridge technology, will be well received by our current and future customers.

The integration of FLYHT’s traditional real-time AFIRS data services combined with the technology coming of age in other industries such as 5G, Edge computing, IoT, blockchain, and Cloud infrastructure, along with data capture data from RFID, Wi-Fi, and other devices creates an opportunity for FLYHT’s customers to get maximum benefit from these technologies for little or no capital investment.

“Right from the start, it was clear that FLYHT values our success alongside their own. Instead of trying to fit us into their product, they continually and creatively look for ways to fit their product into our operation – starting with the upgrade of our current SATCOM system to FLYHT’s AFIRS 228 Iridium SATCOM Solution.”

Richie Moffitt
Manager, Fleet Engineering, WestJet Airlines