Keeping Airlines Flying on Time

JetBridge allows secure, reliable, and transparent access to legacy airline, airport, and real time aircraft data to power FLYHT’s Actionable Intelligence products – delivering real time data analysis, instructions and information to the right people at the right time for preventing unnecessary costs or delays.

The Connected Aircraft

The Connected Aircraft is now the standard for improved Airline Operations. It allows for real-time communications & streaming operational data between cockpit (via satellite or broadband connection) and ground operations.

Operational Efficiency

Airlines are becoming more efficient through improvements in fuel optimization, turn management, IROPS, maintenance, passenger experience, payload and aircraft and crew utilization while capturing previous lost revenue.


Aircraft generate enormous amounts of information that need to be understood to be useful and relevant. Our system delivers rich, practical data in real time, and detects maintenance needs before they can slow you down and affect your operations.


In aviation, the weather presents one of the largest risks to airline operations. FLYHT offers two solutions TAMDAR™ & Weather Observations Feeds for addressing weather collection, forecasting and the distribution of this information.

Actionable Intelligence

FLYHT’s Actionable Intelligence is derived from the real-time collection and analysis of a holistic set of bespoke internal and external data sources that impact your business operations―data collected not just from the aircraft, but from enterprise systems, users, and applications, as well as from industry benchmarks, weather data systems, and market indexes. Read more below


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