2023 AEEC/IATA EFB Users Forum

Building on the success of the Barcelona EFB Users Forum, FLYHT is pleased to host the Spring AEEC/IATA EFB Users Forum, June 20-22. 2023 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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The Connected Aircraft

The Connected Aircraft is now the standard for improved Airline Operations. It allows for real-time communications & streaming operational data between cockpit (via satellite or broadband connection) and ground operations.

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Aircraft generate enormous amounts of information that need to be understood to be useful and relevant. Our system delivers rich, practical data in real time, and detects maintenance needs before they can slow you down and affect your operations.

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In aviation, weather presents one of the largest risks to airline operations. The FLYHT-WVSS-II™ measures water vapor data (Relative Humidity) in the atmosphere and provides critical in-situ weather data.

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Empowering Airlines with Actionable Intelligence

At FLYHT, we empower our partners to make better decisions with Actionable Intelligence that leverages real-time aircraft data unlocked by our innovative technology. Our unique industry expertise and over 25 years of experience help our partners achieve their goal of operational efficiency, sustainability, and cost reduction.

Actionable Intelligence

FLYHT’s Actionable Intelligence is derived from the real-time collection and analysis of a holistic set of bespoke internal and external data sources that impact your business operations ― data collected not just from the aircraft, but from enterprise systems, users, and applications, as well as from industry benchmarks, weather data systems, and market indexes.

Futureproofed Connectivity

Did you know that 4G LTE is expected to sunset after 2030?

Don't waste time and money on 4G LTE and upgrade straight to 5G available today. 5G is expected to operate well beyond 2040 to provide your equipment with the longest lifespan available on the market today.

Industry's First 5G Wireless QAR + AID

With extensive capabilities such as Satcom, Data Loading, App Hosting, ACARS over IP, and more, the AFIRS Edge™ and AFIRS Edge+™ can provide your fleet with more data and intelligence than ever before.



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