Weather Sensors & Contrail Avoidance

FLYHT WVSS-II Water Vapor Sensing System

Accurate humidity measurements for improved weather modelling and prediction and the key element for accurate contrail prediction.

Key output data includes:

  • Water Vapor Concentration
  • System Status Data
  • Internal Pressure
  • Internal Temperature
  • Engineering Data

Contrail Avoidance Software Application

JetBridge Cloud

Software Applications

Costs are constantly rising, logistics are more and more challenging, and the competition in the aviation market gets tighter every year. To keep operations profitable, operators must proactively optimize operations using real-time information to maintain profitability.

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Airborne Hardware

FLYHT’s Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS™) products offers real-time business intelligence to save you money, streamline your operations, enhance operational safety, and support innovation.

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Weather & Contrails

Non-CO2 atmospheric impact of aviation — Contrail Avoidance

By avoid flying in ice-supersaturated regions, aircraft can avoid creating persistent warming contrails. FLYHT-WVSS-II™ provides relative humidity data to help accurately predict where those icy regions will occur and improve forecast in the upper atmosphere.

Latest News

FLYHT and MBS officially partner to enable data loading solution to fully comply with new security requirements

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. announced a partnership with MBS Electronic Systems GmbH & Co. KG  (“MBS”), a leading provider of secure data loading solutions that enable compliant avionics software maintenance and safer flight operations. 

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Affordability and the Future of Ultra Low-Cost Carriers in Canada

The panel delves into the current state and growth potential of the ULCC market in Canada, highlighting how it lags behind more developed markets in Europe, the US, and Asia. 


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