Fuel Management

Reduce fuel burn, maximize savings


Measure & manage fuel consumption

FLYHTFuelTM is a tool that eliminates uncertainty about an airline’s operational fuel savings initiatives.
FLYHTFuel uses real-time flight data acquired from the aircraft’s onboard systems, and presents the data to operations/maintenance personnel in an easy to read dashboard. The data is based on eight industry recognized fuel savings initiatives that include: single engine taxi out, reduced flap takeoffs, reduced acceleration altitude, low drag approaches, reduced flap landings, idle reverse, single engine taxi in and APU monitoring.  The dashboard compares how the aircraft was flown to how it could be flown in order to maximize efficiency and fuel savings. Where compliance has not been met, costs of those variations are shown.

FLYHTFuel is an excellent supplement to any fuel management program and is an effective tool for helping flight crew and maintenance personnel alike to understand and appreciate the importance of operational efficiency.