FDR Streaming

Real-time event triggered data streaming


FDR streaming, real-time alerts

FLYHTStreamTM is the only commercially available technology capable of streaming Flight Data Recorder (FDR) information directly from the aircraft to the ground in real time. Its primary purpose is to provide an alternate means of accessing vital aircraft flight data normally secured in the FDR should the FDR be lost or if the data has been compromised. Additionally, in some cases, it may allow the investigators to gain quicker insight into the nature of a particular incident, rather than having to wait days, weeks or months for the recovery of the FDR.


FLYHTStream can be activated three ways; automatically, as a result of the technology’s ability to recognize a system abnormality or failure, manually by the pilots through the use of an “event” button located in the flight deck, or by the dispatcher at the airline.


Once activated, FLYHTStream provides audible as well as visual alerts and messages (email/text) directly to the airlines operations center and management personnel.

Once activated, FLYHTStream automatically provides the airline with enhanced 20 second flight follow reporting intervals, with one second location resolution, anywhere in the world including the poles, which far exceeds any current or future regulatory requirements.

Once activated, the Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRSTM) automatically begins the process of streaming FDR data to the ground in real time where it is stored on a secure FLYHT server and forwarded to a customer portal, according to their configuration. FLYHT’s proprietary airborne software and ground support network compress, transmit and expand the critical data where it is then made available for analysis. The data provides the airline and accident investigators with essential information about the aircraft and the situation in order to reconstruct the events of the flight during the streamed event.