Enhanced Global Flight Tracking

Continuously track and monitor the status of your aircraft


Optimize your operations for maximum results

FLYHT offers enhanced global flight tracking capabilities that meet and exceed ICAO’s Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) definitions for both normal and abnormal tracking.

Specific features include built-in visual and audible alerts along with email/text notifications, access to historical data, as well as fully configurable automated, manual and autonomous distress tracking capabilities down to a minimum resolution of 20 seconds. With FLYHT’s technology, our customers are able to remotely configure their software directly from their custom ground user interface.

Additionally, the Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRSTM) is unsurpassed when it comes to automating the collection and dissemination of block and flight times. Accurate OOOI times translate directly into optimal crew utilization ensuring flight crews don’t time-out ahead of schedule. Accurate hour and cycle information also extends the time between maintenance intervals, maximizing utilization of life-limited parts. Precise OOOI times lead to financial savings for operators on a power-by-the-hour contract, or lease contracts with a utilization component.


Maximum aircraft visibility, full control

Enhance your flight tracking capabilities using FLYHT’s real-time interactive aircraft situational display.

FLYHTASDTM is a fully integrated and interactive enhanced global fight tracking solution that makes tracking the progress and monitoring the status of your aircraft seamless. Enjoy all the benefits the FLYHTLogTM product has to offer, plus gain access to a worldwide airport data base for operational planning purposes. FLYHTASD also comes complete with a fully integrated text messaging interface that allows operators to send and receive text messages to multiple aircraft at any one time.