Aircraft Health Monitoring

Reduce unscheduled maintenance delays


Real-time proactive aircraft health monitoring

Automated Engine Trend Reporting

Engine trend data is transmitted automatically in real time from every flight during takeoff and stable cruise. The Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRSTM) reduces pilot workload during flight while also ensuring that consistent, accurate and timely engine data is transferred directly from the plane to your ground crew, manufacturer or a third party for analysis – such as Pratt and Whitney, Rolls Royce, and General Electric – thereby eliminating costly delays and transcription errors.

Engine/Airframe Threshold Exceedance Reporting

With real-time threshold exceedance reports from AFIRS, airlines are notified immediately when a specific event has occurred. With real-time threshold exceedance alerts, you know in advance exactly when and where to look for events that may require immediate action or further investigation, such as: engine over temps, engine over speeds, high vibrations, low oil pressure, hard landings, and flap over speeds to name a few. Real-time threshold exceedance reports are completely configurable and enable proactive maintenance of your aircraft, engines and life limited parts.

Remote Systems Diagnostics

Reduce the chance of unscheduled maintenance delays by enabling FLYHT’s real-time proactive maintenance capabilities. In addition to receiving real-time engine and airframe threshold exceedance alerts, airline maintenance departments now have the capability to diagnose and determine the root cause of the issue long before the aircraft reaches its destination, thereby reducing or eliminating the likelihood of a costly delay or flight cancellations.