FLYHT and Inmarsat’s ‘Black Box in the Cloud’ Flight Trial

FLYHT is a proud participant in Inmarsat’s flight trial program to further develop its ‘Black Box in the Cloud,’ a future satellite service available via the company’s secure IP broadband platform: SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S). Inmarsat’s SB-S service provides secure, high-speed global connectivity that will enhance airline safety, security and operations.

Inmarsat is the world’s leading provider of mobile satellite services. The company intends to make a portion of its satellite network bandwidth available to airlines via its SB-S platform, enabling them to stream information from a distressed plane’s onboard Black Box as well as provide near real-time tracking of the plane’s location. In addition to transforming aviation safety in this way and others, Inmarsat’s SB-S platform will optimize flight operations to save airlines both time and money.

An upcoming flight test, in which FLYHT will participate, is intended to demonstrate that Inmarsat’s ‘Black Box in the Cloud’ would be an effective solution for Autonomous Distress Tracking and the Timely Recovery of Flight Data. Pending International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations make both of these aircraft functions even more important to airlines and plane manufacturers around the world.

For the flight test, FLYHT will provide its AFIRSä (Automated Flight Information Reporting System) technology and UpTimeä Cloud management platform. The onboard AFIRS unit will acquire and process flight data from a test plane’s Black Box, then stream this data, via Inmarsat’s SB-S platform, to a ground station using UpTimeT Cloud.

If the flight trial is successful, it is hoped that FLYHT’s AFIRS technology and services will eventually be an integral part of Inmarsat’s SB-S platform, which will offer airlines a ‘Black Box in the Cloud’ service as well as real-time aircraft diagnostics, performance monitoring, detection of exceedance-critical parameters and improved operational efficiency.

To learn more about FLYHT’s participation in the flight trial of Inmarsat’s ‘Black Box in the Cloud’ flight trial, click here Inmarsat press release and here Inmarsat’s ‘Black Box in the Cloud’ white paper

To learn more about Autonomous Distress Tracking, Timely Recovery of Flight Data and the associated ICAO regulations, click here 2017 CEO Letter to FLYHT Shareholders: Aircraft Tracking and here 2017 CEO Letter to FLYHT Shareholders: Aircraft Tracking, Part 2

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July 31, 2020


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